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3rd Announcement

The NEW SUNOCO MX Super Series Senior final champion will hold the title (The WOMZA SOUTH AFRICAN MX SUPER SERIES OPEN SENIOR CHAMPION).  This will be over and above the normal MX championship classes listed below in point 6.

Guide to follow for a successful pre-entry:

1) Please be advised that you will still be able to enter into more than 1 class, i.e. MX1 and MX2, as your timed position will give you a classification in both classes.
2) Submit your official on-line entry via the WOMZA website & forward proof of payment to the relevant hosting club – BEFORE the official closing date
which is Friday 29th March! (Remember the time stamp on your email!)  
3) Click on Go to events, find SUNOCO SUPER SERIES poster & click on it to be automatically taken through the on-line entry process.  Have all your racing details handy!
An entry is considered incomplete if not accompanied by the appropriate full payment.
4) Expect to receive automatic confirmation of your entry by return email notification.  If you do not receive confirmation, please contact either Fiona or the corresponding club/venue secretary directly.  Spread the excitement amongst your friends.

5) No registration on race day, unless pre-arranged with the organizer or secretary due to travel or car problems.  Registration must be done between 13h00 to 19h00 on the Friday prior to the event.
All pre-entrants must go directly to the timekeeper to complete registration & collect a transponder.  Don’t forget to get 2 transponders should you be entering into 2 different classes.
6) Prize giving will take place at the designated area as soon as all results have been accepted by the COC & after the final Jury meeting.

              Classes Offered: - MX1

- MX2
- MX3 (Scored separately - age related series championships)       
-        MX4
-  MX OPEN Support/Clubmans
-  MX 125
-  MX Pro Mini/85cc – Combined (Scored separately)
- MX65cc
- MX 50cc Jnr & Pro – Combined (Scored separately)

(All above classes will be scored separately.  Individual series champions will be announced at the conclusion of the series, including the new overall Open Snr Champion.

2nd Announcement

The new SUNOCO MX Super Series must be read in conjunction with the 2015 WOMZA MXRR’s (Motocross Race Regulations).  The following document must be read as an advisory event document to the Permit Application as issued for the new series.

Aim Of The New Series

The MX Committee, in conjunction with Dave White of Terra Topia have devised a complete new exiting format for racing that must be entertaining to both competitor & the spectators.  It has therefore been decided to offer a unique 4 round series with a very large & generously sponsored cash prize allocation for all the qualifying classes.  
              Nothing like this has ever been done.  
The NEW Super Series will prove to be the best thing to happen to MX in millennia.

There will be a series champion declared for every qualifying class.

The 4 x events will be offered at the following select venues:

1 Gauteng Terra Topia 4th April
2 Free State BORC 2nd May
3 KZN Teza 15th August
4 Limpopo Capricorn 26th September

The race day format & the scoring process promises to keep everyone excited & interested up to the end of the last race.  There will be much activity around the scoreboard throughout the day.  
Essentially the idea is to offer 3 x sprint races in the day, with a Super Final at the end.  
The traditional individual classes will all score separately but senior participants will all race together in 3x main “similar speed rated groups”, namely A, B & C.

Latest Photos from Past Events

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