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It aint over until the final run!

Published by webmaster in news · 4/11/2014 20:52:30

Fourth and final round of the Japan Auto Drift series was wrapped up for the 2014 season at The Rock Raceway. Drifters all made their way to the circuit to fight it out for the last chance to gain those crucial finals points.  With only a hand full of points between the 1st 2 places "Crazy Monkey's" Larry Smith and team mate "The Wall Runner" Hannes Frans the scene was set for an epic drift battle for sure. Smith was under the gun from the get go as work commitments added the pressure and meant that Smith had to depart shortly after the event to fly to Cape Town.

The 25 drift entry was split up for Silver Cup and Gold Cup Eliminations.  Some drifters did not make the Gold cup as not everyone had competed the minimum of 3 events in the championship series to partake in the finals. Those drifters were all relegated automatically into the Silver Cup Eliminations.
15 of the 25 made the grade and after the solo qualifying runs the tadums got under way. In the Silver Cup it was the Shrek Toyota driver Pieter Smit taking top honours with Max My Ride Kenda Tyres drifter "Mr Rock" Tim Stephens on the podium for 2nd and Metal Mulisha sponsored Toyota Supra drifter Billy van Rooyen taking the final spot 3rd position.

Gold cup eliminations kicked off with the highest qualifier Hannes Frans with a bye run straight into the top 8. Next up was the 2 youngsters, young JP van der Spuy battling out with Cooper "M" Mathew as JP progressed through to the next round. This was also Mathews first time in the Nissan Skyline of Fred Cooper Snr after Snr had withdrawn from an injury. Mathew did well to qualify into the gold cup.
Lourens Rothman was religated to the stands after BG Smit forged his way through to the top 16 Robert Dyke also benched Denis Palm .

SS fans were all delighted to see Lamprecht back in his chariot as he eliminated Mariska Dyke in her MKIV Toyota Supra from the competition.
First of the OMT was hyad when Alex Simon & Mohamed Yussuf took to the gauntlet. Simon managed to take the win in the end in his Nissan 350Z sponsored by Falken Tyres.

Adrenalin started to kick in for Larry Smith as he moved up the ladder again as his run against Francois Tantrum when Francois faltered handing the win to Smith.
The Wall Runner Frans secured his spot in the final four when JP van der Spuy was eliminated by Frans and Robert Dyke also lost out to his run against BG Smit.
MR SS Lamprecht handed the win over to Cooper Jnr in their run as Larry Smith scooted Simon out of the competition in their tandem battle.

Frans faced off against BG Smit in the semi finals and his 1 point difference between himself and Smith was dashed when Smit took the win.
By now Smith was a ball of nerves as Super Cooper Jnr was in the mix and was not making this easy for Smith. the OMT really put pressure on him and victory for him was in fingers reach. But all his hopes was dashed when he spun handing the win over to Cooper!

A devastated Smith was crushed as his flight to Capetown was now due and a quick exit from the competition meant that a tie breaker between Frans and Smith would not take place. This meant that the best result of the championship finals had to go to Hannes Frans sponsored by SA Argus in his Nissan Skyline R32.    
Winner of the final round for the night went to BG Smit after he defeated Cooper Jnr and this meant that Smit had a final 3rd place in the championship.

Big thank you goes out to all the sponsor Japan Auto Trading for sponsoring the championship series, to Max My Ride Magazine, Kenda Tyres, all the drifters, spectators, officials and medics. See you all at the next event folks!

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