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Published by webmaster in News · 16/11/2014 21:35:33

12 November 2014

To all the participants of the WOMZA national championships this year, thank you, you have all contributed to yet another historical year for WOMZA.
Congratulations to all our 1st, 2nd and 3rd position holders, may you carry your numbers proudly.
Our championships no doubt has seen some exceptional racing, with each and every class that participated, being so competitive, leaving the podium places open to anyone competitor on the grids.
To our competitors who travelled to both dirt and tar events, irrespective of your positions, this is what we call having the Oval Track Racing spirit, makes us feel exceptionally proud.
A special congratulations goes to Johan Coetzer from Welkom Motorsport Club, who clinched 1st on tar in the 1660 Modifieds, 3rd in the Flexi V8’s and on dirt took 2nd place in the Flexi V8 – Johan you drove with exceptional skill, this is a first in the history of Oval track Racing, that a competitor in both disciplines has obtained these positions – Congratulations.  Then to fellow Free State competitor Nico Breytenbach, in the Lexus Class, taking 2nd on tar and 1st position on dirt in the Lexus Class – Well Done.  I have been giving your future race numbers some thought on how you are going to confuse the poor lapscorers ZA 1 + 2 / ZA 2 + 3, whichever way you display your numbers, wear it proudly because you deserve these numbers.  Piet Scheepers from PE, took 1st in the Hotrods and 3rd in the Flexi V8’s, you created some spectacular racing, in both classes, a true sportman indeed.  To the other competitors that raced on tar and dirt this year, thank you sincerely for your support in our nationals, you were all great contributors to an extremely successful series.  
And not forgetting the Ninja Midgets, who raced their little hearts out in the wet, and this class making history in Kids in Racing SA, our first female competitor Marlie Saaiman taking 3rd, she deserves this position not only for herself but for her loyal parents who travel kilometers for her to enter events as they live 180+km away from their home track and has ensured she earned a 100% attendance for all her club racing – well done Blondie and to the parents Willie & Maryna Saaiman.  All our top three podium winners made headlines in their local newspapers from, JD in Richards Bay, Donovan in Brakpan and Marlie in the Potchefstroom, hats off to these children!
To our officials, your dedication especially in the rain, both at Welkom and Richards Bay was truly  remarkable, not one of you were prepared to stand down, despite you being drenched, you all maintained your positions and the racing carried on, thank you.  At our Worcester event, some brilliant team work done by the officials, the infield marshals were exceptionally sharp with their flags, the group of officials were great you all knew your positions and did what you had to – thank you.
One person who stood out proud this year and contributed to our successful events, Neville Loosemore, your valuable input and solutions at the national events made a remarkable difference, WOMZA no doubt is equally as proud having a chairman for Tar Oval Racing like yourself and not forgetting your right hand Michelle Loosemore, the two of you, make a great team in our sport – thank you.
To our Tar Promoters, thank you for supporting all the national events, to Henk Jansen van Vuuren of Welkom and Johan van der Colff of Richards Bay the two hosting venues, thank you for affording our competitors such a great venue, just everything was perfect, despite the weather conditions. Our Dirt Promoters, Boet Buys-Newcastle and Braam Riekert-Loskop Oval, the two promoters who were unable to make it to Kleinplasie last weekend, it was a brilliant event and you would have been so proud of the event.  To all our other promoters’ thank you for your support, you guys never fail to amaze me when it comes to standing together and supporting each other.  Sakkie Joubert and side kick Charl Walters, Kleinplasie was such a pleasure visiting, the venue was immaculate, the track broke up a little, but that comes with dirt racing, at least the track was the same for everyone.  You honoured your word from the promoter meeting held in February and stated, that your national event would meet all criteria and be a memorable one, well, it was and thank you for providing such a nice facility to the sport.  
It was with regret that the following tar classes, Super saloons / Hotrods / 2Litre Modified Classes did not qualify for WOMZA National status and we were not prepared to buffer these classes.  They did however, race support classes with full compliments on the grids proving that next year they would be ready for nationals, to all the support classes thank you, the Hotrods put up an exceptional race at Richards Bay in the wet.  The Legends joined in at Richards Bay, making it their first away supporting oval race, all of the Legend Drivers cannot wait to return to Richards Bay hopefully the end of December.  We would like to take this opportunity in wishing the Legend Drivers the very best for their World Finals in the first week of December in America, there are 5 competitors going over.  One competitor I have to highlight wishing her, Lonika Maartens (daughter of Matty Maartens), 13 years old, who puts up the second best times behind Pro driver Devin Robinson of 1/10 of a second, slower at Red Star last weekend - Lonika is entering the Young Lions in the World finals – you no doubt one of the better 13 year olds around in motor sport racing in South Africa, very proud of you.  Tar Sprints Cars and Super Midgets, requested not to participate at national level this year.

Finally, to all our competitors, their families, their sponsors, the promoters and officials, WOMZA would like to thank you for an extremely successful season and wish you all a safe and prosperous 2015.
Looking forward to a healthy 2015
Kind regards



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